Workshop 11 - The Art of Contracting

A Talk by Kristina Sheppard

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About this talk

Contracting is perhaps one of the most unsexy words in the world of coaching. And yet, it is often the missing piece to taking your coaching to the next level.

As coaches, we often get so excited when we enrol a new client, we feel like we can't wait to do what we love doing most, - and that's SERVING people powerfully through facilitating deeply transformative and life-changing conversations.

Such eagerness, although certainly admirable, can sometimes make us skip important steps in creating clarity and commitment in a coach-client relationship from the get-go. Since almost every problem, misunderstanding or hidden expectation has its roots in contracting, it's paramount for our success, as coaches, that we address this very special form of art.

Contracting goes way beyond just a paper agreement. When done well, it helps create a collaborative partnership, where both parties are taking relevant responsibility over the client's success, while also clarifying what happens if something "goes wrong".

In this workshop, we will cover 3 essential elements of contracting, sessional contracting and recontracting. There will be stories, real-life examples and plenty of nuggets to support YOU in mastering the Art of Contracting so that you can create effective client relationships with your clients and build a solid reputation.

It will elevate your coaching conversations and make you feel more confident, at ease and fulfilled in your client work.

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