Workshop 6 - Coaching the Shadow – the transformative goldmine of the hidden self

A Talk by Nick Thorpe

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About this talk

Carl Jung defined our Shadow as that which we hide, repress or deny. In that sense we are guaranteed as coaches to veer into shadow territory - both our clients’ and our own - as we work with the unloved, unknown or hidden parts which often sabotage progress.

But the shadow is also 90 per cent “pure gold”, according to Jung. So how do we unearth and integrate those powerful transformative qualities we have exiled? And as coaches how do we practically navigate in this subconscious realm without triggering natural defences or projecting our own issues onto our clients?

Led by author, coach, supervisor and seasoned Animas trainer Nick Thorpe, this playful and participative 90-minute workshop will help us recognise and work with both our clients’ shadows and (much harder) our own, using tools ranging from creative writing exercises and breakout room discussions to the Johari Window.

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